Bray Yacht Design and Research Ltd.
White Rock, B.C.


Water Rat

L.O.A. 7' - 8"
Beam 3' - 6"
Sail Area 51 sq.ft.

     Water rat is based on Hereshoff's very successful and very practical Marco Polo and Nereia dinghies. Although many if these have been built, and many are being built today, they are to large for the average yacht tender.

     I believe the average yacht is under 45 feet and the tender most requested 8 feet or less. Of course this little vessel must also be able to carry two people plus gear with ease, row well, and be light and easily stowed. At the same time she must stand up to many years of abuse and neglect.

     Clinker building is ideal for any boat which will be left on deck for long periods and then dropped in the water, only to be hauled out shortly thereafter. The planks can shrink and swell, while still maintaining a tight seam. Unfortunately, few people still practice the art of good clinker building, so the majority will probably use the wood epoxy saturation technique (W.E.S.T.). This will produce a beautiful hull, stronger than traditional clinker, without the leaks caused by poorly fitted planking.

     Water rat has a heavy laminated keel to take hard groundings but uses narrower planking than Herreshoff's as it is more readily available. Her construction is simple and the materials specified are stock sizes. She has two rowing positions to allow the boat to be trimmed for varying loads. Her symmetrical waterlines and lifted bow will allow her to be easily rowed, and her wide round sections will make her somewhat tender initially with good overall stability. This also gives her good load carrying ability, up to four adults. A lug sail and leeboards are also shown to give added enjoyment at anchor for the kids. The spares are under 7 feet to allow them to be stowed inside the boat. The leeboards are extremely easy to attach and do not hinder the interior of the boat or cause structural complication. She should produce many miles of pleasure and years of hard use. Her purpose is to bring beauty to the eye of the beholder and joy to those who own her.

      "There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats . . . or with boats . . . In or out of 'em, it doesn't matter." Water Rat, The Wind in the Willows.

Plans and specifications are contained on a single 24" x 36" sheet available for $15.00

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